Alternative Dispute Resolution is invaluable in every aspect of life both personal and in the work place, where the use of mediation has
been shown to:
  • Reduce stress
  • Assist production
  • Minimise the cost of disputes
  • Improve relationships
  • Simplify and humanise disciplinary procedures.

These skills are adaptable and can be used to enhance communication across many different disciplines and in a range of situations.

For instance:

  • When facilitating difficult or angry meetings
  • When assisting companies or committees to draw up a mission statement and strategic plans
  • When helping committees to work more harmoniously together
  • When dealing with difficult or dissatisfied clients
  • When assisting groups to draw up questionnaires for local area research
  • When Interviewing candidates for a job
  • When helping colleagues or employees to resolve difficulties
  • When preparing one’s self for difficult conversations
  • When creating work plans, business plans and funding applications
  • When developing policy statements
  • When working through a disciplinary process
  • When assisting groups to deal with financial institutions and potential funders
  • When facing conflicts and dilemmas in one’s personal and family life
  • When facilitating a restorative process following hurt or done by one individual to another.

Training programmes in Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Communication can be tailored to the needs of all kinds of organisations and groups.

Examples of those who have and who might benefit from Make It Mediation Alternative Dispute Resolution and Communication training:

  • Community and Voluntary groups
  • School Principals, teachers and pupils (as in Peer Mediation)
  • Gardai, especially Community Gardai
  • Social Workers
  • Travellers and those who work with them
  • Local Authority Housing Officers
  • Medical professionals
  • Aid workers
  • Managers in SME’s
  • Youth Clubs and Sports organisations
  • Union Representatives and Shop Stewards
  • All frontline service providers
  • Sales Representatives

Other Training provided by Make It Mediation:
Committee skills training for Community and Voluntary organisations, Youth groups, Sports Clubs, Rural Development groups etc

Active Citizenship training for Community and Rural Development Groups – Why vote, How to register, How to use your vote effectively to get what you want either individually or as a group.

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